How to care for your hands

Did you know that your hands are some of the most delicate areas of skin? Now more than ever, our hands are being affected by frequent washing and sanitizing, oftentimes leading to dry, cracked skin. On top of it all, the colder weather deeply dehydrates our skin, and most times, our hands are frequently exposed to the harsher weather. But not all is lost, our team has put together three quick tips on how to take care of your hands so they are always soft and smooth.

Use a hand sanitizer with aloe vera. The alcohol solution in most hand sanitizers can dehydrate your skin, leading to a dry, flaky, cracked appearance overtime. Opt for a sanitizer that contains aloe vera, as the hydrating qualities in the aloe vera plant will sink into your skin, minimizing potential aging effects. 

Moisturize after you wash with your hands. Carrying around an ultra-moisturizing hand cream, and applying lotion to your hands after washing, will not only give your skin a supple feel but will also support anti-itching. After washing your hands with warm water, apply a generous amount of hydrating hand cream and let dry for softer, smoother skin.

Schedule a treatment appointment. You may not realize this, but hands are a tell-tale of aging. Through our esthetic services, you can explore options such as laser, exfoliating, or filler treatments to revive the skin on your hands. If you’re interested, schedule an appointment with your local office to learn more. 


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