Rao Dermatology is proud to offer non-invasive diagnostic options for our patients before cutting. We want to give our patients every opportunity to assess a suspicious lesion before resorting to surgery. The technology is great for children who arent ready for surgery or for sensitive areas, like the face.

Confocal Microscopy, also known as reflectance confocal microscopy or RCM is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows us to see the cellular details of your skin. The resolution of the images captured is comparable to traditional histology. We are able to look at live images, on a cellular level to detect any abnormalities. With confocal microscopy, we can look at the whole lesion or pinpoint specific areas of a lesion to take a closer look at, this is not available with traditional histology.

The whole process takes under 10 minutes, the image itself is 3 to 4 minutes and is painless. Once the images are captured. Dr. Rao will review them and the office will let you know your results within a day.


“I have been going to Dr. Rao for a few years, and am very satisfied with the quality of service and care.”

Sidney, Rao Dermatology Patient

“Both my husband and I have visited Rao Dermatology for over 20 years.”

Lisa, Rao Dermatology Patient

“The best dermatologist I have ever seen.”

Haley, Rao Dermatology Patient

“He is very professional and caring about any concern you have.”

- Rao Dermatology Patient

In accordance with the State of California, face masks are required at the time of your visit.

For the safety of our staff and our patients, we are grateful for your understanding and cooperation.