Annual Skin Check

Annual Skin Check

As you may already know, November is the American Academy of Dermatology’s National Healthy Skin Month. We support this initiative, and encourage all of our patients to schedule their annual skin exams. These exams are crucial to identify early stages of skin cancer, as they give the clinician the opportunity to examine and identify any potential risks. If you have an upcoming annual exam, here are a few tips to help you prepare, thanks to the Skin Cancer Foundation

Come makeup free. By coming with a clean face to your appointment, it allows for our clinicians to thoroughly assess the facial skin, especially around the eye area. Remove all makeup, and use a gentle cleanser. Avoid using any other products prior to your exam for the freshest skin possible.

Remove nail polish prior to your visit. Many people forget about this detail – your skin exam also includes your hands and nails. Remove any colored polish to allow for close examination around your nail area.

Wear your hair down or in a loose ponytail. Your scalp is another key area of examination, to identify any potential new moles or spots. Wear a loose style with minimal pins or rubber bands to allow the clinician to truly see the scalp.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to book your appointment sooner rather than later. Call your local office to schedule.



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In accordance with the State of California, face masks are required at the time of your visit.

For the safety of our staff and our patients, we are grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

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