Skincare for children

3 Ways to Help Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

A proper skincare routine starts at a very young age. Your child has developing skin, and it’s key to prioritize skin health and maintain those habits into adulthood. If you’re wondering where to start, we’re breaking it down for you. As always, please feel free to call your local Rao Dermatology office for our recommended skincare products.

Bath Time
Safe skincare for young children starts in the bath. Using a mild temperature will ensure that your child won’t experience chills or burns. Once you nail down the right temperature, soaps and shampoos will play a huge role in sensitivity. To ensure your child won’t experience any potential skin harm, reach for bath ingredients that are chemical and fragrance free. Post-bathing care such as lotions and creams should also be nontoxic and non-fragrant. 

Gentle Garments
Did you know that your laundry detergent affects your child’s skin? Similarly to bath products, using a fragrance-free, non-toxic laundry detergent will be gentle on skin types. By clothing your little one  in safely-washed, friendly fabrics, such as cotton, their young  skin will have room to breathe so they can be as active as they like, without irritation. 

Everyday Essentials
We can’t emphasize the importance of sunscreen enough. Ensure your child is wearing proper sunscreen for everyday activities, even if they aren’t spending hours in the sun. Everyday UV protection will create a strong foundation for their skin as they develop and grow throughout the years.

Test before Trying
If you’re ever wondering if a product is safe for your little one, we recommend doing your research before committing.  Above all else, we highly recommend calling your Rao Dermatology clinician for any questions on potential products, especially if your child is already experiencing some reactions to any skincare products. 


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